BPW-Hungária Ltd.

Company info


BPW-Hungária Kft., the subsidiary of the German company, BPW-Bergische Achsen KG in Szombathely is an important player in the field of automotive industry in West Transdanubian Region. Headquarters of parent company is located in Wiehl in Germany.

BPW-Hungária Kft. manufactures high-quality running gears and suspension systems for towed vehicles recognized all over the world, as well as products of agricultural and engineering industry, furthermore the design, development and trade of agricultural products are praising the work of the experts in Szombathely.

Facts and numbers

BPW-Hungária Ltd.

Year of Foundation:
(BPW Rába Futóműgyár Kft.)
Szombathely, Hungary
Number of people employed:
Running gears sold in 2022:
149 299 pieces
Revenues in 2022:
344.933.245 EUR

BPW group (www.bpw.de)

Year of foundation:
(Bergische Patentachsenfabrik Wiehl)
Wiehl, Germany
Number of people employed:
Consolidated sales (2022):
1,73 billion EUR 


Our values

A BPW-Hungária Ltd is committed:

  • to manufacture reliable products,
  • to respect the rules written in the Code of Ethics,
  • to keep the politicy of social responsibility concerning both internal and external relationships without compromise.

A BPW-Hungária Ltd is committed:

  • to ensure the excellent quality of the products,
  • to achieve the quality orientation on enterprise level, that appears in external relations and internal-external communication, as well,
  • to assure the customer orientation without compromise.

A BPW-Hungária Ltd is committed:

  • to be renewed continuously,
  • to improve and develop continuously,
  • to be competitive in the long term.






Documents to download

  • ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001 (PDF)
  • ISO 9001 certification (PDF)
  • ISO 50001 certification (PDF)
  • EN 15085-2:2020 certification (PDF)